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For further information contact us through our toll-free number by clicking the button below

Click the button above or type the number 800.103.033 to contact us and ask for more information or for an emergency intervention. 

Here are some of our home services: 

  • Orthopedic or Traumatological visit
  • Prompt intervention for orthopedic emergencies 
  • Rehabilitations 
  • Medication
  • Transfer to a hospital 
  • Radiography 

ProntoTrauma - Orthopaedic doctors and traumatologists at home

Our medical equipe offers Orthopaedic and Traumatological Home Assistance in Rome. 

Concierge doctors have met with great demand by simply providing their professionalism and competence to patients directly to their homes. Specialized medicine has thus wanted to get closer to people by coordinating and training highly qualified medical staff to understand always better every patient need.  

Orthopaedics and Trumatology specialization can treat pathologies such as femure fracture, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, meniscus lesions, bunion, flat foot, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disc, muscle injuries, tendinopathies, surgical outcomes, trauma, injuries, carpal tunnel, luxations, domestic or sports trauma and joint pain. The orthopedic can visit the patients at their home.

Home medical assistance is helpful to intervene in urgent cases such as femure fracture in the elderly patients who surely need a prompt help. It is also beneficial for all those patients who cannot physically reach a hospital, a medical study or a clinic. Our service is good for anybody, for any case and for any context.